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Nexus International Personals Are you looking for that special someone who perfectly matches as your life partner, pen pals or for any other personal contacts? If yes, why not try the free advertising services and other facilities provided by Nexus International? It is worth a try, though there are many other sites offering you these services, just because we offer the easiest options, with no strings attached as regards costs and other factors. Ever since we started providing free advertising services in January 1996, with the first printed issue of Nexus International Penpal Magazine, catering to the needs of pen pals, marriage minded singles, broad minded correspondence, dating and personals, hobbies like numismatics, philately and other collectibles, many 1000s of men and women from India, other Asian countries, European countries, Russia and other member countries of the former USSR, United States of America, Canada and other American countries including Latin American and Central American countries, Australia and the Pacific Ocean island nations have benefited from our services. We have members from almost all countries, all ethnic groups, castes, creeds, colors, etc. That gives a wide spectrum of choice for you.

As said, our services are free if you advertise for your personal needs and hobbies, also include your nice, decent photos with your ads free of charge. As this site provides free services, we welcome business advertisers to pay for their ads, including websites and others. Business advertisers can send their ads for a quote or contact us for their requirements. We promise you the lowest rates and the best services for paid ads. We are also looking for reciprocal links exchange and exchange ads with other websites, preferably friendship, dating and hobby publishers/ sites.

We want to keep this site clean, fit for universal/ public viewing, as one that even a child can view without being offended. Hence, all advertisers are requested to submit ads in words fit for public viewing.

Now, please go ahead and contact some of the new friends in this site, and before leaving submit your own free ad with or without photos. Here are the free ad forms: click here for email contacts, dating, pen friendship, marriage, personals, hobbies, etc., or click here if you want to submit your photo with your ad.

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