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Note: These are ads received from the publishers of the respective penpal magazines/ friendship clubs in 2006/2007. Readers are advised to check addressees listed here by sending an ordinary letter asking for the availability of friendship services/ penpal magazines, etc. Send money only after confirming addresses/ rates. Most of these magazines publish your friendship/ hobby ads for FREE. So, it will be a good idea to send them your friendship ads for free advertising. ATTENTION PUBLISHERS: Please revise your ads, if there are any changes. New Publishers and clubs are welcome to send their ads for FREE listing here!

PHILATELIC EXPRESS: List of Worldwide Philatelic and Friendship Advertisements. Please send your ads and payment of US $ 5.00 or 300 good quality stamps for a copy via registered airmail to: Alberto Z. Alcala, Reymar Compound, 4301 Lucena City, PHILIPPINES. [Ad dated: 22 Jul, 2007]

PHILnews: International Magazine for Collectors and Penpals from Algeria. 6 issues yearly! LISTING IS FREE! Sample copy: US $3 or 6 IRCs or 100 large different undamaged stamps. Send your advertisement with your photo to: PHILnews, B.P. 12, 41116 Haddada, Souk-Ahras, ALGERIA.

WORLDWIDE CONTACT: The best publicity magazine for all serious readers & advertisers with various contacts from many places around the world. Buy latest single magazine only for $2. If you want to print your own ad, send us your ad with 4 good or used stamps from your country. Your ad (50 words) + latest magazine copy: only for $2 or 2 Euro or 4 IRCs. Exchange ads welcome! Send your orders & ads today: Mr. Sahnine Nacer, P.O. Box: 268 RP, SBA 22000, ALGERIA.

FILACAP: Quarterly publication for Collectors and Penpals. Make friends in Brazil and all over the world. For only US$5/ 5 IRCs/ EURO 5, we shall print your name plus address and your ad (30 words) in the following issue of FILACAP. Sample copy: US$2/ 2 IRCs/ EURO 2. Yearly subscription (4 issues): US$20/ 20 IRCs/ EURO 20. Write in English, French, Spanish or Portuguese to: FILACAP, CAIXA POSTAL 6, CACHOEIRA PAULISTA/SP, 12630-970 BRAZIL Website: Email:

STRANGERS ARE FRIENDS WE HAVEN'T MET! I would like to introduce to you some new friends. Send USA $1 {cash only} or 2 IRCs for many addresses of your new friends. MRS. SHARON SMITH, P.O. BOX 445, FORT ERIE, ONTARIO, CANADA L2A 5N2

NEED MAILING DONE? Pen-pal publications, pen-pal lists, pen-pal club application forms. Send a bunch of yours. Big mails wanted, I re-mail. Also wanted - but not re-mailed: MLMs, chain letters, get rich quick schemes, etc. SHARON SMITH, P.O. BOX 445, FORT ERIE, ONTARIO, CANADA L2A 5N2


The Philatelic Exchange Club: The magazine for collectors and penpals. The subscription rates of P.E.C.: Sample copy (one issue): 2 IRCs or 1 US $ or 1.5 EURO or 100 JPY. Payment accepted only in cash. Yearly subscription: Fourfold of sample price. (We cannot accept damaged banknotes!!!) Your address will be printed free! Contact: Mr. Jaromir Hincica, Sladkova 27 a, 702 00 Ostrava, CZECH REPUBLIC.

FINPEN: Friendship magazine for young and older people, any age, any country, any race. 40 pages filled with girls and boys, ladies and gentlemen, seeking for correspondence, friendship. Rush for your copy, for only 8.00 Euros = US$ 10.00 or equivalent. Inside each magazine an application form for your FREE advert in coming FINPEN magazine. From: Rawemark Agencies, P.O. Box 77, FIN-00251, Helsinki, FINLAND.

WORLDWIDE CONTACTS: Swedish/ German/ French/ Finnish co-op edition, friendship magazine of pretty girls and ladies, men and boys world-wide seeking for friendship, marriage. Current issue 15.00 Euro = US$ 15.00 or the equivalent. Current issue, advert in next and checking copy 35.00 Euro = US$ 40.00 from: Rawemark Agencies, P.O. Box 77, FIN-00251 Helsinki, FINLAND.

HOBBY SERVICE: Your 30 words worldwide plus two different copies. Send 5 Euro or US$ 5 or 6 IRCs to: HOBBY SERVICE, Peter Wagner, Sportlerweg 9, 06901 Wartenburg, GERMANY.

HYPNOTISE ANYONE! Yes, anyone instantly. Control people, conduct exciting experiments, gain confidence, cure bad habits, attain powerful memory and concentration and develop psychic abilities. Complete practical self-study course in hypnotism reveals the secrets. For details contact: Oswald Rodrigues, 390 Sam Francisco, Santo Estevam, Goa 403106, INDIA.

PILIBHIT TIMES: RNI Registered HINDI weekly NEWSPAPER for penfriendship, astrology, Tantra, articles, new ideas, current news, ads in English, etc. Camera Ready ads in English also published! Single copy: Rs. 2/- by Money Order. Send to: The Editor, PILIBHIT TIMES, 29 Gopal Singh Street, Pilibhit 262001, INDIA.

800 YEARS CALENDAR: Unique 800 Years Perpetual Calendar (from 1600 to 2400 AD). Now you can find out any date in the past, present or future instantly without any complex calculations / manipulations!! Very useful, valuable, clearly printed on single side A4 page, nice thing to keep! Get a copy for Rs.10/ US$1/ UK£1 (cash/mint stamps) from: Vashdev Wadhwaney, GPO Box 79, Jaipur 302001, INDIA.

7500 ONLINE CIRCULATION FOR 5 WEEKS We shall e-mail your Hobby, Personal, Business ads, etc, etc, to 1500 collectors, pen-friend clubs, small business opportunities seekers, world-wide in 90 countries every Friday for 5 weeks. You are also welcome to send any number of e-mail addresses where you wish to send your ad for no extra charges. Your advertisement can be seen on full screen like you send hand-bills, flyers, or ads. Readers shall contact you directly on your postal address, Fax, phone, or e-mail. It is not necessary for advertiser to have a computer. Ad Rates in US Dollar or Euro (CASH ONLY) - 25 words = 5 $ or Euro, 50 words = 10 $ or Euro, 100 words = 15 $ or Euro, 200 words = 25 $ or Euro. For more details contact: Miss Rachel Joseph, P.O. Box 1125, Lod – 71100, Israel. Fax: 972-8-9241231, Mobile: 972-0547-427123, Email: All publishers & editors are requested to publish this ad in their publications and send me original checking copy, no photocopy please, with your ad. In exchange I shall publish in my 7500 online circulation for 5 weeks free.

GENTES: Bulletin in English, French and Italian languages. To receive the next issue + your advertisement, send 5 US$, or 4 Euro, or 8 IRCs. Write to: GENTES, casella postale 82, I-92100 Agrigento, ITALY.

MIYABI: Newsletter for penpals and collectors; US$5/ 5 IRCs/ 5 Euro. SINGLES INT’L: For partner seekers; US$4/ 4 IRCs. (Cash only accepted. No checks, no money orders.) Both Newsletters published bi-monthly. Send your details + message for free listing. Yuko Sakuramoto, 2223-1 Kugu Matsubase, Shimomashiki-gun Kumamoto, 869-0532 JAPAN.

WORLD CHANNEL: World Channel publishes Penpal Listing Magazine the World Channel for the purpose of promoting world peace and happiness through individual friendship. The World Channel includes variety of collectors’ listings and marriage minded people in addition to pen pal seekers. We charge you the actual physical cost (printing and postage). Single copy is US$ 8, or equivalent bank notes, or 8 IRCs for all countries outside Japan and Yen 500 for Japan domestic. No subscription is offered. Listing is free. WORLD CHANNEL, 5-9-1-502 Isobe, Mihama Chiba, 261-0012, JAPAN.

WORLDWIDE FRIENDSHIP: International penpal bulletin WORLDWIDE FRIENDSHIP for penfriends and collectors, 3 issues: Feb / Jun / Oct. Would you like to have penpals from Japan and worldwide? You can contact with many friends through our bulletin. Each issue consists of more than 500 people from about 45 countries. Latest sample copy: US$10 or 10 Euro or 10 IRCs. Sample copy + next issue with your ad: US$20 or 20 Euro or 20 IRCs. Payment accepted in cash only! No cheques, please. LISTING IS FREE (with or without photo)! Send your name, age, sex, address, hobbies, etc. to: Miss Kiyoko Inaba, 192 Shimokounushi, Kaminokawa, Kawachi-gun, Tochigi, 329-0529, JAPAN.

LIST FOR COLLECTORS: Your 10 words ad FREE!! Each extra word = 5 large-size undamaged stamps. Checking copy (or sample copy) by air = 100 good large stamps, if by sea: 50 stamps. Write in block letters. I give 8 MACAU viewcards by airmail for 180 large undamaged stamps. Over 30 different views are available. Contact: NGAN KEI CHI, P.O. Box 372, MACAO/ MACAU (ASIA).

INTERNATIONAL PENPALS CLUB & CONTACT: You want to know Mauritius better? You want to exchange friendship with exotic first class ladies and gentlemen, good-natured, modest, speaking English, French and Hindi. Send US$1 or 2 IRCs for more details to: INTERNATIONAL PENPALS CLUB & CONTACT, C/o Mr. L. Lamarque, Blue Star Lane, Le Hochet, Terre Rouge, MAURITIUS.

The South Seas Correspondence Club: Join The South Seas Correspondence Club (1933) for worldwide pen friends, philatelic contacts, marriage, etc. Only £7 a year - UK cheques accepted, payable to: L. K. STODDART, Box 38, Alaminos, Pangasinan 2404, Philippines. Telephone: +63 75 551 3513.

NATALII: Natalii is a monthly magazine for hobbyists, collectors, penpals, marriage, clubs, magazines, etc. from all over the world. Since 1985, pages 12. Your advertisement in Natalii for only $1 US = 1 Euro = 2 IRCs! Send the text of your ad in English; maximum 30 words + address. Please write legibly. Offer only for ladies - your ad only with photo - FREE! Your ad + PHOTO in Natalii for only $2 US = 2 Euro = 4 IRCs! Photo: please send in good contrast. If checking copy is wanted send $2 US = 2€ = 4 IRCs. Natalii PHOTO's: Photo-magazine with photos of beautiful women worldwide wanting a man for friendship, romance, love, marriage. Your ad only with photo - FREE in Natalii PHOTO's (offer only for ladies)! Natalii PHOTO's costs $3 US = 3 Euro = 6 IRCs. Natalii can publish your ad in Polish magazine KONTACT + ad in Internet (marriage, friendship, hobby) for $2 US = 2 Euro = 4 IRCs. Write to Natalii for free application form to KONTACT. Write to: Mr. Zbigniew Brandyk, ul. Starkowska 13, PL 61-058 Poznan, POLAND.

A La Lettre: Info service for pen pals, collectors and singles. Send 2 IRC’s for details. Contact: Tatiana Zavialova, P.O. Box 265, Arkhangelsk – 163009, RUSSIA.

BEST FRIENDS: International Penpal Magazine (2/6/10) for all ages, and different interests: correspondence, collecting, marriage, holiday exchange, mail order, etc. Listing is FREE!!! Send your name, age, address, interests & hobbies, languages, etc. (Please type or write in block letters.) Checking copy: 5 US$/ 5 EURO/ 8 IRC’s or equivalent. Yearly subscription (3 issues): 12 US$/ 12 EURO/ 18 IRC’s. Dealers/ Agents/ Representatives wanted from all over the world.) Write to: V. TAFTAJ, P.O. Box 263, 54050 Mykolaiv-50, UKRAINE.

SINGLES ADS MAGAZINE: $5 a copy (with names and addresses). Free Clip-art! Send 3 F/C stamps for BIG MAIL! Big Mail (2 lbs) $10 - S&H. Magazine for Homesteaders - (our 26th year): Sample: $2 - write with reference to this ad only. TORO, Box 427, Bronx, NY 10458, USA.

SWEEPSTAKES NEWSLETTER: Monthly 16-page newsletter has over 30 of the country’s biggest & best legitimate sweepstakes! Millions in cash, cars, trips, prizes & lots of FREE STUFF! For a sample copy send $2. 00 to: Martin Publications, Box 86, Marseilles, IL 61341, USA.

ATTENTION publishers of ad sheets, mail order bulletins/ newsletters, penpal magazines, etc.
Let us exchange ads! Please publish our EXCHANGE AD below and send us a checking copy.
In return we shall publish your Ex-Ad in online Nexus International magazine.

Nexus International
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List your magazine or club in the directory of worldwide Penpal Clubs and Publications to attract more advertisers and members. Just publish our exchange ad in the colored box above and send us a copy of your magazine or URL of your website. We shall include ad/details of your organization here immediately. DO NOT PUBLISH OUR OLD ADS! For more details or our mailing address, send us a message now.


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