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Date/time/sex: 20 July 2009/ 4:45 AM/ M
Name: Eddy
Age/date of birth: 54/ 4/29/1955
Address: USA
Education: ZOO KEEPER
Occupation: RETIRED
Hobbies/interests: I am looking for a single woman for marriage, age 45+.
Languages: English
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Date/time/sex: 19 July, 2009/ 10:55 PM/ F
Name: Onada Salami
Age/date of birth: 35
Address: Male City, Maldives
Education: graduate
Occupation: working in a foreign company
Hobbies/interests: Chatting, reading, watching TV and cycling. I am looking for honest, well educated women friends from Sri Lanka and Maldives only. I do not want friends from Ghana, Senegal and other African countries. I do not reply them.
Languages: English

photo of Imran AhmedDate/time/sex: 19 July 2009/ 7:20 AM/ M
Name: Imran Ahmed
Age: 35
Address: C/o Islam-ud-din, House # 08A/233, Mohalla Habibabad, Inside Farid Gate, Bahawalpur, Pakistan
Education: BA
Occupation: government job in education dept
Hobbies/interests: I need and wish true and faithful female life partner. Please write me with photo, truly and seriously; my mobile phone # 00923346865119 or # 00923017744576. I will respond to your letter or emails.
Languages: English

photo of Philippines woman JovelynDate/time/sex: 19 July 2009/ 2:02 AM/ F
Name: Jovelyn
Birth: 16-05-1990
Address: Cebu City, Philippines
Education: some college
Occupation: student
Hobbies/interests: I enjoy outdoors, love to cook, boating, camping, fishing, swimming, gardening, walking at the beach and looking for penpals. I am a single girl, never married, looking for a good single man, affectionate, loving, caring, understanding and honest. I am looking for a serious marriage minded gentleman as lifetime partner.
Languages: English

photo of American man Billy DunnDate/time/sex: 18 July 2009/ 7:19 PM/ M
Name: Billy Dunn
Birth: 9/20/47
Address: Oklahoma, USA
Hobbies/interests: Fishing, sports, swimming, nature, hiking, Bible study, collecting old movies, slow-dancing and music. I enjoy quite times sitting on patio listening to 50's and 60's music, and enjoy being on the lake fishing from my small bass boat. I collect old music, and celebs' photos and I like walking in slow warm rain.
Languages: English

Date/time/sex: 18 July 2009/ 5:50 PM/ M
Name: Abukari Abass
Age/date of birth: 01-01-71
Address: Ghana
Education: degree
Occupation: Teaching
Hobbies/interests: travels, reading and rearing livestock
Languages: English

Date/time/sex: 17 July 2009/ 11:55 AM/ M
Name: Mandeep Sharma
Age/date of birth: 38/ Dec 31, 1970
Address: House # 34, Sector 60, Chandigarh, India
Education: MA
Occupation: Business/writing
Hobbies/interests: I am a handsome and attractive man doing business and also a writer. I want friendship with married women or girls who want serious and fun loving relationship of the mind and body. I guarantee absolute privacy of our friendship. I am dynamic and lively person, have liberal values and have lived in America and Europe.
Languages: Hindi, Punjabi, English, Russian

Date/time/sex: 17 July 2009/ 1:11 AM/ M
Name: Frederick Schneider
Age/date of birth: 41/ 27 Dec 67
Address: 95 North Public Road, Friendship Village, Corentyne, Berbice, Guyana, South America
Occupation: Work with Hydraulic Division, Ministry of Agriculture, Whim, Guyana
Hobbies/interests: I am divorced, have 3 kids. I work with the Guyana Government.
Languages: English
Email: No email, write snail mail letter.

Date/time/sex: 16 July 2009/ 6:20 PM/ M
Name: Babatola Ayorinde Isinkaiye
Age/date of birth: June 04, 1986
Address: blk 25 rm2 Chindit Cantonment Zaria Kaduna State, Nigeria
Education: graduate
Occupation: soldier
Hobbies/interests: Reading novels, watching films, playing chess, monopoly and Scrabble, going places and making friends.
Languages: English, Yoruba, French

Bangalore man RajDate/time/sex:16 July 2009/ 5:01 PM/ M
Name: Raj
Age: 30
Address: Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Education: B Com
Occupation: working
Hobbies/interests: I am a smart and handsome guy, love to enjoy life completely, very humble and respectful person, looking for fun friendship with females because life without fun, love and pleasure is nothing. So females looking for pleasure or long lasting relation can mail me.
Languages: English

Date/time/sex: 16 July 2009/ 3:11 PM/ M
Name: Alan
Age/date of birth: 33/ 16 July
Address: Shillong, India
Education: MBA
Occupation: Business
Hobbies/interests: I like travels and watching movies. I like to make female friends of all age groups. If females are interested in me then they must email me. May I provide them what they want really?
Languages: English, Hindi, Bengali, Assamese

Date/time/sex: 16 July 2009/ 1:58 PM/ M
Name: Hemanta Das
Age/date of birth: 30
Address: Guwahati, Assam, India
Education: B.E.
Occupation: Business
Hobbies/interests: travels, friendship, nature and music
Languages: Assamese, Bengali, Hindi, English

Date/time/sex: 16 July 2009/ 10:26 AM/ M
Name: Sairajan
Age/date of birth: 23.7.1970
Address: 23, Chrom pet, Chennai, India
Education: BA
Occupation: film director
Hobbies/interests: I am a film director of 2 glamour movies. Now I am looking for all age new faces artists. My mobile phone no: 09383300054.
Languages: Tamil

Date/time/sex: 15 July 2009/ 2:42 PM/ M
Name: Ashtosh
Age/date of birth: 49
Address: Lucknow, India
Education: PG
Occupation: Service
Hobbies/interests: making nice and true female friends
Languages: Hindi, English

Date/time/sex: 15 July 2009/ 1:40 AM/ M
Name: Mhur
Age/date of birth: 1-9-1982
Address: Swansea, UK
Education: high school and college
Occupation: Unemployment
Hobbies/interests: I like computer, and Internet especially, music, writing history and reading.
Languages: English

Date/time/sex: 14 July 2009/ 7:29 PM/ M
Name: Dees
Age/date of birth: 40
Address: Durban, South Africa
Education: Diploma
Occupation: Management
Hobbies/interests: I am on the look out of an understanding female who is open minded, willing to share my ideas about the world and relationships. I have a number of hobbies, music, travels, going to restaurant for good dinner, etc. I am fun loving, easy going and open minded.
Languages: English

Date/time/sex: 14 July 2009/ 12:38 PM/ M
Name: Rajneesh J.
Age/date of birth: 29
Address: Shyam Street, Gandhi Nagar, Delhi 110031, India
Education: B Com, MBA
Occupation: Service
Hobbies/interests: I like to listen music, gardening and making friends of all ages. Contact me at mobile phone: +919868950639 by SMS.
Languages: Hindi, English

Date/time/sex: 14 July 2009/ 11:49 AM/ M
Name: Javed
Age/date of birth: 15/07/1970
Address: Chakala, Andheri E, India
Education: Bachelors degree of Engineering
Occupation: service
Hobbies/interests: I want friendship with girl or lady and love travels. I want old songs like Rafi and Mukesh. Any lady or girl may mail me directly with any friendship she likes; age, caste, and colour no bar.
Languages: English, Hindi

Date/time/sex: 13 July 2009/ 5:20 AM/ M
Name: Mike James
Age/date of birth: 45/ Aug 11, 1964
Address: Downtown, Sac. CA, United States of America
Education: university of NY
Occupation: airline pilot
Hobbies/interests: singing, laughing, flying, writing love letters, cheating the altitude, and mind you…
Languages: English, Icelandic

Date/time/sex: 12 July 2009/ 1:39 AM/ M
Name: Akshay
Age/date of birth: 23-10-1979
Address: India
Hobbies/interests: I am a handsome man with athletic physique, willing to have fun loving female friends with whom I can stay and we both enjoy life together, can accompany each other on tours also. E-mail me.
Languages: English, Hindi, Urdu

Date/time/sex: 11 July 2009/ 11:04 PM/ M
Name: Wilson
Age/date of birth: 28/ 27 Sept, 1980
Address: Accra, Ghana
Education: Graduate
Occupation: civil
Hobbies/interests: I would like to meet a down to heart, honest and reliable friend from Canada, USA, where ever. I am single energetic male, like nature, photography, music and travels. If you are that special person, just drop a word today, itching to hear from you.
Languages: English, German

Date/time/sex: 11 July 2009/ 8:18 PM/ M
Name: Awah
Age/date of birth: 32
Address: Mile 6, Cameroon
Education: PhD
Occupation: medical doctor
Hobbies/interests: Hi, I need a wife, even if she is older than me. I like someone who is kind and social. I am an easy going guy, love hanging out. You can get me on phone: [+237] 75848225.
Languages: English

Date/time/sex: 11 July 2009/ 12:50 PM/ M
Name: Surya Sarkar
Age/date of birth: 26
Address: Kolkata, India
Education: B Com
Occupation: Service
Hobbies/interests: Playing, music, looking for lone female who wants to get company for enjoyable life. My mobile phone: 9681231887.
Languages: Bengali, Hindi, Assamese, English

Date/time/sex: 11 July 2009/ 9:30 AM/ M
Name: Irawan Dwi Putranto
Age/date of birth: adult
Address: jl. Iswahyudi 12 Madiun 63132 Indonesia
Education: university
Occupation: self employed
Hobbies/interests: Trade all collectables worldwide. Write first, reply assured.
Languages: English
Email: ?

Date/time/sex: 11 July 2009/ 7:00 AM/ M
Name: Jiban Beura
Age/date of birth: 35/ 29 June 1975
Address: Oliha, Deulpara, Sri Baldevjew, Kendrapara, Orissa 754212, India
Education: M Sc Maths
Occupation: Lectureship
Hobbies/interests: Penpals, bike riding, mobile phone gossip, phone friendship, travels and making friendship with females. My mobile phone: +919938795093.
Languages: Oriya, English, Hindi

Date/time/sex: 10 July 2009/ 10:15 PM/ M
Name: Aman
Age/date of birth: 35/ 20.03.1974
Address: India
Education: MBA
Occupation: HR Manager
Hobbies/interests: I like reading, TV, visiting places and games. I am a fun loving amiable person. I want a decent fun loving educated girl preferably from Orissa for a long term friendship.
Languages: Oriya, English, Hindi

Date/time/sex: 10 July 2009/ 3:24 PM/ M
Name: Amrit Mondal
Age/date of birth: 05/07/1980
Address: Draper, India
Education: MA
Occupation: business
Hobbies/interests: Making relationship with people
Languages: English

Date/time/sex: 10 July 2009/ 10:25 AM/ M
Name: Seth
Age/date of birth: 23
Address: Ghana
Education: High school
Occupation: Student
Hobbies/interests: I am a single man searching for a white single woman. If you think you are the one get in touch for a serious relationship leading to marriage.
Languages: English

Ukrainian single womanDate/time/sex: 8 July 2009/ 5:30 PM/ F
Name: Svetlana Tokareva
Age/date of birth: 37/ 18.01.1972
Address: Kirova 30-25, Krasnogorovka, Donetsk Area, 85630, Ukraine
Education: Average, special
Occupation: collector
Hobbies/interests: I live in Ukraine, near the city of Donetsk. I live in the small picturesque city Krasnogorovka in a one-room apartment. I have mum, sister. I work in a medical firm. My enthusiasms are dances, game on a piano, gymnastics and much more. I can sew and knit. I would like to get acquainted with a cultured man for a marriage or friendship. If I have interested you, write to me. E-mail:
Languages: English, Russian

Date/time/sex: 10 July 2009/ 9:57 AM/ F
Name: Valsamma
Age/date of birth: 35
Address: Palghat, India
Education: graduate
Occupation: business
Hobbies/interests: I am interested in writing to mature men friendly letters. I exchange medical/ educational CDs, astrology CDs, etc.
Languages: English

Date/time/sex: 9 July 2009/ 7:29 PM/ M
Name: Navnath Shyamrao Thorat
Age/date of birth: 21 Aug 1987
Address: N2 Cidco, Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India
Education: graduate
Hobbies/interests: Call me, any age female, please. I want to make friendship with broadminded girls, widows, divorcee, married women, bhabhi and aged women.
Languages: English, Hindi, Marathi

Date/time/sex: 9 July 2009/ 5:28 PM/ M
Name: Mritunjay
Age/date of birth: 19/11/1986
Address: India
Hobbies/interests: Computer jobs
Languages: English

Date/time/sex: 9 July 2009/ 3:43 PM/ M
Name: Abhijit Naskar
Age/date of birth: 14-12-1960
Address: India
Education: graduate
Occupation: service
Hobbies/interests: Free minded friendship with any person, male or female, age no bar.
Languages: English, Bengali, Hindi

Date/time/sex: 9 July 2009/ 10:02 AM/ F
Name: Wendy
Age/date of birth: 39/ 1-23-70
Address: 2910 Wallace Ave 4b, USA
Education: high school
Occupation: volunteer
Hobbies/interests: Computers, internet, dinning out, penpals, fixes my room, shopping, movies, etc. I am looking for people that live in the 5 boughs. Must be born in 70's, looking for people to hangout with, can't be too far away, must be able to use buses or trains only.
Languages: English

Date/time/sex: 9 July 2009/ 4:37 PM
Name: Thomas Blair
Age/date of birth: 48/ Nov 19, 1960
Address: 21024th St. Apt. # 603 Catlettsburg KY 41129, USA
Education: college
Occupation: retired military, medic.
Hobbies/interests: I have been a musician for about 35 years or so, love all types of music. I also love to read all types of literature, poetry and even just pure fluff like Stephen King. I am also a huge fan of movies, theater and ballet.
Languages: English, some Spanish

Date/time/sex: 8 July 2009/ 4:57 PM/ M
Name: Ajit Choudhari
Age/date of birth: 35
Address: Mumbai, India
Education: B Com
Occupation: service
Hobbies/interests: Reading, watching comedy and thriller movies. I like to enjoy every moment of life and friendship with a female who is mature, trustworthy, lovable, also I like travels anywhere.
Languages: English, Hindi

Date/time/sex: 6 July 2009/ 10:21 PM/ M
Name: forever love
Age/date of birth: 1975
Address: El-Emam El-Shfiee Street, Tahit El-Mahata, Shark El-Torraa, Samalute, Al-Minia, Egypt
Education: Master
Occupation: English Teacher
Hobbies/interests: I am so serious about marriage, hoping you will be my faraway shining star!
Languages: English

Date/time/sex: 6 July 2009/ 9:12 PM/ M
Name: Vivek
Age/date of birth: 33
Address: Assam, India
Education: Graduate
Occupation: Self employed
Hobbies/interests: Music, reading novels
Languages: Assamese, Hindi, English

Pakistan single man Sohail AhmedDate/time/sex: 6 July 2009/ 0:58 AM/ M
Name: Sohail Ahmed
Date of birth: 05-06-1979
Address: House # Z-12, Street # 2, Dhoke Ratta, Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Education: FA
Occupation: job
Hobbies/interests: I am from Rawalpindi, age 30, unmarried. I am a photographer + video cameraman. I want to marry a lovely, nice, simple and supportive lady or girl of any age from any country who can support me and help me to get settled in any country. Problem is that I belong to a poor family and I want to help and support my family. That is why I need a supportive lady. If anyone interested then please contact me. My mobile phone #: 00923135352567, 00923005352567.
Languages: Urdu, English

Date/time/sex: 4 July 2009/ 7:30 PM/ M
Name: Jagdeep
Age/date of birth: 29/ 1980
Address: Room 180 Datta Nagar, opp Nimoniya Baug, near Hanuman Temple, Govandi (west), Mumbai 43, India
Education: SSC
Occupation: clerk
Hobbies/interests: Movies, reading newspapers, and interested in beautiful girls.
Languages: Tamil

Date/time/sex: 3 July 2009/ 7:43 PM/ M
Name: Kenny
Age/date of birth: 21/ 1988
Address: Rwanda
Education: university
Occupation: business
Hobbies/interests: I like music, sports, travels, meeting new friends, phone friendship, reading and discovering. Phone: +2500788547465.
Languages: English, French, Swahili

Date/time/sex: 2 July 2009/ 9:50 PM/ M
Name: G. Ananthkrishnan
Age/date of birth: 49/ 26.09.1960
Address: 42A/21 Brindavan Society, Near Srirang Society, Thane 400601, Mumbai, India
Education: Management
Occupation: Business
Hobbies/interests: I love to meet interesting people all around the world to make new friends.
Languages: English, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil

Date/time/sex: 2 July 2009/ 8:12 PM/ M
Name: Sam Simohammed
Age/date of birth: 38
Address: Morocco
Education: special plumber
Occupation: sport karate do
Hobbies/interests: I am male, 38, from Morocco. I need women for my marriage, age 20 to 50, from Europe or America. Write me before 2010, but you help my visa, I buy ticket and I come.
Languages: English

Date/time/sex: 2 July 2009/ 5:07 PM/ F
Name: Beena
Age/date of birth: 16/11/1978
Address: Trivandrum, India
Education: B Com
Occupation: Housewife
Hobbies/interests: Reading, watching cricket, etc.
Languages: English, Malayalam

Date/time/sex: 2 July 2009/ 3:32 PM/ M
Name: P. Hehu
Age/date of birth: 26/ 20 May 1982
Address: Kenya
Education: diploma
Occupation: counselor
Hobbies/interests: Friendship is like peeing on yourself: everyone can see it, but only you get the warm feeling that it brings.
Never take life seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyway.
Hard work never killed anybody, but why take a chance?
Operator! Give me the number for 911!
When you participate in sporting events, it's not whether you win or lose: it's how drunk you get.
It's true that we don't know what we've got until we lose it, but it's also true that we don't know what we've been missing until it arrives.
When I die, I want to go peacefully like my Grandfather did, in his sleep -- not screaming, like the passengers in his car. Lol
Last night I lay in bed looking up at the stars in the sky and I thought to myself, where the heck is the ceiling!
You tried your best and you failed miserably. The lesson is 'never try'.
The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.
Men should be like Kleenex, soft, strong and disposable.
Languages: English, Swahili

Date/time/sex: 2 July 2009/ 3:18 PM/ M
Name: Shan
Age/date of birth: 26.05.1979
Address: Avissawella, Sri Lanka
Education: graduate
Occupation: Medical officer
Hobbies/interests: music, travels, sports and swimming
Languages: English

Date/time/sex: 1 July 2009/ 9:28 PM/ M
Name: Vivian
Age/date of birth: 13-4-1988
Address: Tehsil Rajpura, Patiala, Punjab, India
Education: BA
Occupation: Patwari
Hobbies/interests: Get up early in the morning. I am interested in joy and sorrows. I love rap and hip hop, etc. I want single girl for marriage in Canada.
Languages: English, Hindi, Punjabi

Date/time/sex: 1 July 2009/ 11:35 AM/ F
Name: Mallika
Age/date of birth: 25
Address: Bangalore, India
Education: BA
Occupation: Self employed
Hobbies/interests: Meeting with girls aged 20 to 30 years only for intimate relationship.
Languages: English

Date/time/sex: 1 July 2009/ 9:05 AM/ M
Name: man
Age/date of birth: 31/ 27.10.1978
Address: Dhaka, Bangladesh
Education: MBBS
Occupation: Physician
Hobbies/interests: Reading, writing and internet. I like female friends, any age, through out the world for exchanging experience, broadminded correspondence in any subject via email only.
Languages: English, Bangla

Date/time/sex: 1 July 2009/ 1:31 AM/ F
Name: Loura Ghansah
Age/date of birth: 1978
Address: USA
Education: Student
Occupation: Accounting
Hobbies/interests: I am looking long term relationship leading to marriage, email me. Telephone 00233 247756365, call me, OK?
Languages: English

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