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Date/time/sex: 12 Sep 2009/ 8:07 PM/ M
Name: Raj
Age/date of birth: 22/ 11-03-1987
Address: Chennai, India
Education: PG
Occupation: business
Hobbies/interests: To chit chat with my friends, dating, roaming around the city, etc.
Languages: Tamil, Telugu

Date/time/sex: 12 Sep 2009/ 5:25 PM/ M
Name: Ravi Agarwal
Age/date of birth: 01/01/1975
Address: India
Education: B Tech
Occupation: Service
Hobbies/interests: Friendship with beautiful gals, singing, playing badminton, reading and surfing net.
Languages: Hindi, English

Date/time/sex: 12 Sep 2009/ 2:21 PM/ M
Name: Sanjay
Age/date of birth: 05.12.1969
Address: B-6/16, Silvassa, India
Education: Post graduation and professional qualification
Occupation: Service
Hobbies/interests: Making pen friends, watching cricket and listening old music
Languages: Hindi, English, Marwari

Date/time/sex: 12 Sep 2009/ 2:26 AM/ F
Name: Taneel
Age/date of birth: 29/ 4-28-1980
Address: Boston, Mass., USA
Education: 2 grad college/ modeling
Occupation: model
Hobbies/interests: Hi, I am Taneel, live in USA. I am currently a model and film maker. I am really hoping to meet a man to leave the photo work. I am nonsmoker, and have no bad habits. My health is good. I would love to settle down in a marriage and take care of a husband, ages 25 up, some one who won’t judge me and make me wrong, or just wants to see on a date. I am positive and 2 years Grad College. I am rather dating for a while; some men on date just want to see I have a nice smile and nice looks. I currently share an apartment with few others and students. I love many things in life and want love like any other women. If my email looks familiar I explained but we have privacy all time on email more so we share the web. I am always honest; my man has to be same. I don't reply to Haiti, Ghana and all African places, Middle East, and Iran. No money transfers, only positive replies, let's see with love. Are you ready? Be nice.
Languages: English

Date/time/sex: 11 Sep 2009/ 3:51 AM/ M
Name: Jiorje Muniz
Age/date of birth: 45/ 10-27-1963
Address: 1033 e Hayes, USA
Occupation: construction
Hobbies/interests: I enjoy all types of things, way too many to list here. I am in search of a wonderful woman who is willing to share the rest of our lives together. I seek honesty and loyalty as I am very caring, honest, romantic, loving, and very giving. Age isn't really as important to me as honesty. Please email me if you want marriage.
Languages: English, Mexican

Photo of Indian man ShantimonDate/time/sex: 11 Sep 2009/ 1:21 AM/ M
Name: Shantimon
Age: 38
Address: Assistant Educational Office, Palode, Trivandrum, India
Education: graduate
Occupation: government
Hobbies/interests: I love bathing in forest streams, nature lover, photography, jungle lodge, long lasting hugging and kissing.
Languages: English

Date/time/sex: 10 Sep 2009/ 7:05 AM/ M
Name: Justin
Age/date of birth: 23/ November 18, 1985
Address: Wilmington, Illinois, USA
Occupation: factory
Hobbies/interests: I love watching sports, listening to music, taking walks, watching movies, camping, swimming, fishing, hiking, pretty much anything that involves being outside. I am looking for someone who enjoys the same or just lying on the couch watching a movie.
Languages: English

Date/time/sex: 10 Sep 2009/ 2:28 AM/ F
Name: Veronica
Age/date of birth: 13 April 1982
Address: Ghana
Education: SSS
Occupation: graphic designer
Hobbies/interests: Hi loved ones, how are you all? I am Veronica looking for my soul mate, a man who can take care of my heart, who can give all his heart to me. Interested person should add me.
Languages: English

Date/time/sex: 10 Sep 2009/ 1:24 AM/ M
Name: Rajkumar
Age/date of birth: 28/ 15.05.1981
Address: R.C. Keerai Mettu St., Uthamapalayam, Theni district, Tamil Nadu, India
Education: B Sc, B Ed, DTP
Occupation: Teacher, part time job drawing
Hobbies/interests: Drawing, reading, computer designing, etc. I want good girl friends. Please contact my mobile phone number 9944117422.
Languages: Tamil

Date/time/sex: 10 Sep 2009/ 12:41 AM/ M
Name: Bobby
Age/date of birth: 37/ 23.10.1971
Address: Gurgaon, India
Education: MBBS
Occupation: doctor
Hobbies/interests: TV, long drive, movies and hot ladies
Languages: English

Date/time/sex: 9 Sep 2009/ 11:40 AM/ M
Name: Kyazze Steven
Age/date of birth: 19/ 07 July 1990
Address: Kampala, Uganda
Education: high school
Occupation: student
Hobbies/interests: I like swimming, travelling, chatting, visiting friends and posting letters. Any one who wishes to be my friend or lovely, contact me on phone +256755662297.
Languages: English

Date/time/sex: 8 Sep 2009/ 6:41 AM/ M
Name: Akshay
Age/date of birth: 30
Address: New Delhi, India
Education: graduate
Hobbies/interests: I am good looking single guy, simple, sober, sophisticated and very caring, looking for beautiful lady of any age as companion/ relationship to live life at the fullest in India or abroad.
Languages: Hindi, English

Date/time/sex: 7 Sep 2009/ 8:44 PM/ M
Name: Lil
Age/date of birth: 1987
Address: Gambia
Education: College
Occupation: Sports and Barber
Hobbies/interests: Friendship, and if you want to know more about me, contact me.
Languages: English, Spanish, a little French and some other local languages

Date/time/sex: 7 Sep 2009/ 6:07 PM/ M
Name: Kumara
Age/date of birth: 27
Address: Hingurakgoda, Sri Lanka
Education: G.C.E. A/L
Occupation: Computer
Hobbies/interests: Hello, my name is Kumara. I am 27 years old boy from Sri Lanka. I would like to make a good relationship with a nice girl in any other country. It leads to love and marriage. I like to live with her forever. I am serious. I want to tell you I am not a rich boy and if you help me to get my travel documents to your country, I will be there and stay forever with you any time. Please do not write me as a joke. Because, most girls have written me and they have forgotten me later. Please don't do it. I am serious and innocent boy. Hope to hear from you soon if you are serious. Email me.
Languages: English

Date/time/sex: 7 Sep 2009/ 1:31 PM/ M
Name: Sunny
Age/date of birth: 22/12/1974
Address: Jaipur, India
Education: graduate
Occupation: self employed
Hobbies/interests: travelling, romance, love, food, shopping, many more
Languages: English, Hindi, Spanish

Date/time/sex: 7 Sep 2009/ 11:30 AM/ M
Name: Talha
Age/date of birth: 01-06-1984
Address: Sargodha, Pakistan
Education: graduate
Occupation: business
Hobbies/interests: cricket, music
Languages: English

Date/time/sex: 6 Sep 2009/ 7:28 AM/ M
Name: Ajay Kumar
Age/date of birth: 26/ 16-7-1984
Address: India
Education: LLB
Occupation: contractor
Hobbies/interests: I like friendship with hot housewives and girls. My contact phone number is 09935996122.
Languages: Hindi

Date/time/sex: 4 Sep 2009/ 5:05 PM/ M
Name: Rakesh Kumar
Age/date of birth: 27
Address: Model Town, New Delhi, India
Education: MBA (Finance)
Occupation: Working in MNC as a finance executive in Delhi
Hobbies/interests: I love meeting all sorts of people and learning from them about their life and experiences and views. I guess I am on here for the same reasons we all are. Meeting people is easy, meeting someone really nice who may become special is another thing altogether. I am a romantic, passionate, compassionate and affectionate man who is trustworthy and trusting. I am a single man, seriously searching for a serious and real lover for a long lasting relationship that might lead to marriage and I don't care about race, colour, riches, distance, but I care about true love and happiness. I am on the look out of an understanding female, who is open minded, willing to share my ideas about the world and relationships. I have a number of hobbies: music, travelling, going to restaurant for good dinner, etc. I am fun loving, easy going, open minded.
Languages: Hindi, English

Date/time/sex: 4 Sep 2009/ 8:44 AM/ M
Name: Muhammad Iqbal Turk
Age/date of birth: 1-6-1964
Address: Pakistan
Education: engineering
Occupation: engineer
Hobbies/interests: To read scholars' books, new research, books about forests/ jungles. I am interested to save humans life, to love humans.
Languages: Urdu, English, Pushto

Photo of Indian man AmitDate/time/sex: 4 Sep 2009/ 7:01 AM/ M
Name: Amit
Age: 25
Address: 1232/ 24/ 23 Rohini, New Delhi 110032, India
Education: B Tech, MBA (Operation)
Occupation: Working in NTPC
Hobbies/interests: I am decent, sober, good looking, middle class, 5'6", 70 kg, working in a private firm in Delhi, looking for couples, girls, and women in India or foreigners who are going to visit India, for a close, warm, long lasting friendship. I believe in long lasting relationship as well as fun. I like movies, friendship with broadminded couples, guys and girls, dating, new business and outdoor picnic weekends. Not only singles, couples are also most welcome. I love making friends all over the world irrespective of age, caste, color, race and religion. So in case you are interested in friendship with me, shoot me a mail, any age female or male please mail me. And I want to make friendship with broadminded girls and widows, divorcee, married women, also bhabhi and aged women. Email me for friendship.
Languages: English

Date/time/sex: 3 Sep 2009/ 7:41 PM/ M
Name: S. Husain
Age/date of birth: 22
Address: Baheri, Bareilly, UP, India
Education: B Tech
Occupation: Engineer
Hobbies/interests: Hi, this is Husain, a fun loving jovial guy presently working with a PSU organization named BHEL (Govt of India) as an Asst Engineer. I always attract towards the intelligent pupil. I have the interest to make good friends and want to share a lot of fun with them.
Languages: English, Hindi, Urdu (some what)

Date/time/sex: 3 Sep 2009/ 6:55 PM/ M
Name: Mark Peeples
Age/date of birth: 22/09/60
Address: USA
Occupation: Engineer
Hobbies/interests: Care to be friends? My name is Mark Peeples and I happen to be the only child of my late parents who died in an auto crash when I was six. I am an Engineer and I do structural engineering designs. Not married, never married, no kids. I am a simple, sincere, honest, hard working, straight forward, and trustworthy engineer. I am looking to meet someone who will to take me for who I am and not for what I am. If you are interested, you can email me. We could chat sometime too. Want more? Ask Mark.
Languages: English

Date/time/sex: 3 Sep 2009/ 11:43 AM/ M
Name: Vishnue
Age/date of birth: 34/ 1900
Address: India
Education: Diploma
Occupation: Diagnostics rep
Hobbies/interests: I am a good man, and vegetarian. I am married but alone, mind not compromised life. I am very tired. I am interested in good straight lovable women and relationship. I am in good health, whitish, good job, personality, quiet… No soul friendship here.
Languages: Malayalam

Date/time/sex: 2 Sep 2009/ 6:11 PM/ M
Name: C.S. Rajan
Age/date of birth: 38/ 05 Dec 1970
Address: Flat No. 303, Ramanna Regency, Horamavu Agara Main Road, Bangalore 560043, India
Education: B Com, Diploma in Communication Technology
Occupation: Health Care consultant
Hobbies/interests: I am a free, open minded and broadminded guy with clean habits. I seek friendship with nice females of any age. Feel free to communicate with me any way you like. I will reply to all. My hobbies are friendship, broadminded correspondence, travel, nature and playing scrabble. You can also call me on phone number 9535367362 any time 24 hrs. I have a lot of time for friends!
Languages: English
Email: No email, write to the address above.

Date/time/sex: 2 Sep 2009/ 5:40 PM/ M
Name: Daniel Mwashumbe
Age/date of birth: 28/07/85
Address: 67964-00200, Nairobi, Kenya
Occupation: Business
Hobbies/interests: Writing, exchanging bank notes, sharing culture, traveling and networking, etc.
Languages: English, Kiswahili

Date/time/sex: 1 Sep 2009/ 9:17 PM/ F
Name: Szazia
Age/date of birth: 38
Address: India
Hobbies/interests: Travelling, painting, photography, candle making, etc. Looking for penpals only, please, I am not looking for any relationship nor am I interested in giving away money. Only genuine people do write me.
Languages: English

Photo of Guyanese single female TiffanyDate/time/sex: 1 Sep 2009/ 2:31 PM/ F
Name: Tiffany
Age: 17
Address: A-137 Duncan St. Bel Air Park, Guyana
Education: High School, Medical University
Occupation: Student and future nurse and lab technician
Hobbies/interests: I love to eat, sleep, sometimes model, lol, playing sports of PS2 and hanging out with friends… I love anything that is fun.
Languages: English

Date/time/sex: 1 Sep 2009/ 7:21 AM/ M
Name: Kelvin
Age/date of birth: 29
Address: Kempton Park, Johannesburg, South Africa
Education: B Sc
Occupation: business
Hobbies/interests: Listening to music, traveling, watching movies and hanging out with friends.
Languages: English

Photo of Nigerian man John AndrewDate/time/sex: 31 Aug 2009/ 8:24 PM/ M
Name: John Andrew
Birth: 25/07/1984
Address: 27 Abeje street, Ojo road, Ajegunle, Nigeria
Education: 2 yrs Diploma
Occupation: Web Designing/ Advert specialist
Hobbies/interests: I am friendly and easygoing fellow. I am loving, caring and progressive-minded man. I like having fun, travel and enjoy the things God created for good.
Languages: English

Date/time/sex: 31 Aug 2009/ 11:15 AM/ M
Name: Rohan
Age/date of birth: 14-2-1983
Address: H No. 28-14, Angadi Bazar, Mandamarry Dist Adilabad, Andhra Pradesh, India
Education: B Tech
Occupation: gym coacher
Hobbies/interests: Boxing, gym coaching, shopping, traveling, bike riding, reading, music, making friends.
Languages: Hindi, English, Telugu

Date/time/sex: 30 Aug 2009/ 10:59 AM/ M
Name: Mukherjee
Age/date of birth: 10 Dec 1970
Address: Kolkata, India
Education: MA
Occupation: army
Hobbies/interests: friendship
Languages: Hindi

Date/time/sex: 30 Aug 2009/ 3:51 AM/ M
Name: Sunny boy
Age/date of birth: 1979
Address: 15, Oak Street Okoko, Nigeria
Education: high school
Occupation: self employed
Hobbies/interests: Watch movies and play football. I like someone that is respectful and truthful.
Languages: English

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Date/time/sex: 30 Aug 2009/ 3:18 AM/ M
Name: Hakim
Age/date of birth: 1967
Address: BP 470 Bouira, Algeria
Education: high school
Occupation: technician
Hobbies/interests: I like most of all, travelling, reading and practicing sports. I am looking for new friends from all over the word. If you are interested please send mail, you will receive my answer very soon. Thank you.
Languages: English, French

Date/time/sex: 29 Aug 2009/ 11:14 PM/ F
Name: Alaze Maik
Age/date of birth: 17 August 1980
Address: 4th Market Ave, Box KN 1788, Kaneshi, Accra, Ghana
Occupation: working with gold mines
Hobbies/interests: Reading, making new friends and cooking. I like kids and chatting with friends. I am seriously seeking to meet Mr. Right for serious relationship which would lead to our meeting soon.
Languages: English

Date/time/sex: 29 Aug 2009/ 9:26 PM/ M
Name: Vamouyen Saysay
Age/date of birth: 10/09/1982
Address: Williams, Liberia
Education: 4 Bachelor degrees in business
Occupation: Business Management
Hobbies/interests: Cinema, beach, sports, swimming, going to park and home work.
Languages: Mandingo, English

Date/time/sex: 29 Aug 2009/ 1:49 PM/ M
Name: Pardeep Nehra
Age/date of birth: 14.02.1986
Address: Sonipat, India
Education: B Com
Occupation: HR
Hobbies/interests: making new friends
Languages: English, Hindi

Date/time/sex: 28 Aug 2009/ 10:53 PM/ M
Name: sexyman1395
Age/date of birth: 19/2/1975
Address: Saudi Arabia
Hobbies/interests: meeting girls around the world
Languages: Arabic, English

Date/time/sex: 28 Aug 2009/ 9:59 PM/ M
Name: Fred Emmanuel Gogo
Age/date of birth: 9 August 1982
Address: P.O. Box Mk 183, Mankessim C/R, Ghana
Education: High level
Occupation: Business
Hobbies/interests: making friends and more
Languages: English

Date/time/sex: 28 Aug 2009/ 7:38 PM/ M
Name: Samh Simoh
Age/date of birth: 1971
Address: Morocco
Education: my job plumber
Occupation: plumber
Hobbies/interests: I am 38, divorced male from Morocco. I need my marriage from Europe to USA or American not Africa, not Asia women, from age 20 to 50, welcome.
Languages: English

Date/time/sex: 28 Aug 2009/ 5:40 PM/ M
Name: jkpr23
Age/date of birth: 09-01-1970
Address: Kolkata, India
Education: Science Graduate
Occupation: Service
Hobbies/interests: Reading, classic movies, good songs, photography, gardening, football, cricket, etc.
Languages: Bengali, English, Hindi

Date/time/sex: 28 Aug 2009/ 4:49 AM/ F
Name: Toby
Age/date of birth: 39/ 1970 June 16
Address: 21 Crestedge Flat, 45 Silver Oak Avenue, Durban, 4001, South Africa
Education: college
Occupation: secretarial management
Hobbies/interests: Netball, watching TV, travelling, worshipping God, listening to the gospel music. Phone: 0826818749.
Languages: English

Date/time/sex: 28 Aug 2009/ 4:15 AM/ M
Name: Mbarushimana Remy
Age/date of birth: 20/10/1983
Address: PO Box 117 NUR Butare, Rwanda
Education: Eng I
Occupation: Student
Hobbies/interests: Be myself, honesty, friendship, networking, correspondence, sharing ideals and worshipping. I am interested in studying, writing; share with the people from around the world, with all age, all sexes. My mobile phone: +250 788225193 or +250 750553392. Welcome everybody!
Languages: Kiny, Swahili, French, English

Date/time/sex: 27 Aug 2009/ 1:10 AM/ M
Name: Raj
Age/date of birth: 32
Address: Assam, India
Education: MA
Occupation: service
Hobbies/interests: Music and travel. I am a nice romantic, honest guy looking for long term relationship from good, honest, loving gal of any country.
Languages: Hindi, English

Date/time/sex: 26 Aug 2009/ 9:37 PM/ M
Name: John Jim
Age/date of birth: 22/7/1978
Address: Ghana
Education: high school
Occupation: working at IBK Ltd
Hobbies/interests: I need open minded people, also looking for serious relationship.
Languages: English

Date/time/sex: 26 Aug 2009/ 12:11 AM/ M
Name: DJ McDonald
Age/date of birth: 29/10/1984
Address: Old Kira Road Kamwokya, Kampala, Uganda, East of Africa
Education: High School
Occupation: DJ
Hobbies/interests: Watching foot ball, traveling and playing music in the club. I will tell more if you ask.
Languages: English, Swahili, Luganda

Date/time/sex: 24 Aug 2009/ 5:40 PM/ M
Name: White Misikani
Age/date of birth: 33
Address: P.O. Box 720, Blantyre, Malawi
Education: Degree in Information Technology
Occupation: IT Manager
Hobbies/interests: Listening to Gospel music, playing football and travelling.
Languages: English

Date/time/sex: 24 Aug 2009/ 12:49 PM/ M
Name: Subhaxa S Bolnecar
Age/date of birth: 47/ 19/03/1962
Address: 170/C Palolem Canacona, Goa 403702, India
Education: University Science Graduate
Occupation: work in Beach Resort
Hobbies/interests: I love female friendship.
Languages: English, Hindi, Marathi, Konkani

Date/time/sex: 23 Aug 2009/ 6:04 PM/ F
Name: Amabell
Age/date of birth: 1-2-1986
Address: Box 2340 Dodoma, Tanzania, East Africa
Education: In the college
Occupation: Student
Hobbies/interests: I am 23 years, girl from Tanzania in East Africa, am tired of being single. I would like to get a white guy who is single who will get to know each other better. I am caring and simple girl. I am interested on legal issues, am here for true friendship. I like travelling, watching movies and many more.
Languages: Kiswahili, English

Date/time/sex: 23 Aug 2009/ 12:42 PM/ M
Name: Ajay
Age/date of birth: 23
Address: Brigade Street, Kerala, India
Education: degree
Occupation: trainee
Hobbies/interests: I like to chat with peoples and I am always willing to make friends, giving and sharing emotions.
Languages: English

Date/time/sex: 23 Aug 2009/ 12:01 PM/ M
Name: Saji
Age/date of birth: 50/ 30 May 1959
Address: MG Rd, Ernakulam, Kerala, India
Education: BE (mechanical)
Occupation: Engineer
Hobbies/interests: Travel, photography, chess, athletics, badminton and quiz.
Languages: English, Hindi, Urdu, Arabic, Marathi, Tamil, Malayalam

Date/time/sex: 22 Aug 2009/ 11:14 AM/ M
Name: Naveen
Age/date of birth: 7-2-1964
Address: West Delhi, India
Education: college
Occupation: business
Hobbies/interests: travelling, make friends and watching movies
Languages: English, Hindi, Punjabi

Date/time/sex: 21 Aug 2009/ 9:03 PM/ M
Name: Mohammed Kamil Yakubu
Age/date of birth: 24
Address: Ghana
Hobbies/interests: football, reading, travelling, surfing the net and whole lot more.
Languages: English

Date/time/sex: 21 Aug 2009/ 11:10 AM/ F
Name: Assefa
Age/date of birth: 20/08/1971
Address: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, East Africa
Education: Diploma in Accounting
Occupation: Branch Officer
Hobbies/interests: I like to drink soft drinks (nonalcoholic) and reading Bible.
Languages: English

Date/time/sex: 21 Aug 2009/ 5:07 AM/ M
Name: Phil
Age/date of birth: 50
Address: Negril, Jamaica
Education: Bachelor of Arts
Occupation: lecturer
Hobbies/interests: Intimate friendship, indoor games and travelling.
Languages: English

Date/time/sex: 21 Aug 2009/ 1:30 AM/ F
Name: Alisha Mohammed
Age/date of birth: 2/4/1971
Address: 46 A Railway Road, Longdenville, Chaguanas, Trinidad, West Indies
Education: Fifth Standard, and continuing in facial and agriculture
Occupation: housewife
Hobbies/interests: Correspondence, travelling, drawing, meeting new people, movies, gardening, easy listening English music and beach lime.
Languages: English
Email: No email, write snail mail.

Date/time/sex: 20 Aug 2009/ 1:49 PM/ M
Name: Franklin
Age/date of birth: 27
Address: Kerala, India
Education: Post Graduate
Occupation: IT Firm
Hobbies/interests: I am fun loving, caring and understanding. I invite correspondence from anywhere in India, America South and North Europe and Russia from females of age group 25-45, nationality, caste and status (married or unmarried, divorcee or dissatisfied no problem) no bar. Hobbies are: photography, traveling, writing poetry, reading books, long drives, watching Formula 1, NBA basketball, tennis, cricket, net surfing, chatting, penpals, investing, working out, etc. PS: Also, accommodation can be provided to foreign and Indian tourists, couples, family to Kerala in India.
Languages: English, Malayalam, Hindi

Date/time/sex: 20 Aug 2009/ 12:29 PM/ M
Name: Anshul
Age/date of birth: 13.08.1975
Address: K-1278, Narhar Pura, Varanasi, India
Education: Masters Degree
Occupation: Service
Hobbies/interests: broadminded correspondence, making friends
Languages: Hindi, English

Date/time/sex: 19 Aug 2009/ 8:04 PM/ M
Name: Williams Spencer
Age/date of birth: 12 March 1977
Address: Abuja, Nigeria
Education: BS (Hons)
Occupation: Engineer
Hobbies/interests: Creating new things, writing articles, sporting, friendship, traveling.
Languages: English

Date/time/sex: 19 Aug 2009/ 10:06 AM/ M
Name: S.S. Bajwa
Age/date of birth: 57/ 20.8.1952
Address: Jalandhar, Punjab, India
Education: Graduate
Occupation: self employed
Hobbies/interests: Yoga, travelling, literature, nature, maintaining the diary of life, collect and write the articles on life-thesis, send good and creative thoughts to the nears and dears and to make only true, sincere and forever friendship worldwide to promote world peace through love and peace.
Languages: English, Punjabi, Hindi

Date/time/sex: 19 Aug 2009/ 9:30 AM/ M
Name: Bhaskar Pal
Age/date of birth: 54
Address: 139, Bhattacharyapara Road, Flat B-407, Kolkata, India
Education: post graduate
Occupation: consultant
Hobbies/interests: I am a married man. I like to make friends with open hearted ladies from all over the world. Being an advanced student of Spanish language, I am very much eager to hear from a Spanish speaking lady. I love reading, painting. I am an avid traveller and wish to visit Spain and Latin American countries. I seek matured yet decent friendship. Age no bar.
Languages: English, Bengali, Spanish

Date/time/sex: 18 Aug 2009/ 1:33 AM/ M
Name: Dean
Age/date of birth: 55
Address: PO Box 40593, Jax, FL, USA
Education: 1.5 years college
Occupation: driver
Hobbies/interests: I enjoy the game of chess, and generally meeting someone for genuine friendship.
Languages: English

Date/time/sex: 18 Aug 2009/ 12:06 AM/ F
Name: Michelle
Age/date of birth: 38/ 10-12-70
Address: United States
Hobbies/interests: I am looking for a male to email, and only email that is eccentric, had a dark personality, mysterious, maybe a loner who feels more comfortable emailing, a more intimate setting, a place to just be who and what you are. I like intelligence, as well as laid back. I want someone who can feed my dark alter ego, so if you think you fit this description, then contact me.
Languages: English

Date/time/sex: 17 Aug 2009/ 2:07 PM/ M
Name: Sunny Young Makosu
Age/date of birth: 14/8/69
Address: Reveria 2, Ivory Coast
Education: secondary level
Occupation: trading
Hobbies/interests: I am looking for a good relationship that will lead to marriage because I am a single man. I want your urgent reply because I am ready for marriage now. Thanks and remain bless.
Languages: English

Date/time/sex: 17 Aug 2009/ 8:21 AM/ M
Name: Abdul Mazid
Age/date of birth: 30/ 01-01-79
Address: 161-14 122 Ave., Jamaica NY 11434 USA
Education: graduation
Occupation: Food store manager
Hobbies/interests: I am interested in friendship, penpal, music, movies, playing game, etc.
Languages: English, Bengali

Date/time/sex: 17 Aug 2009/ 6:31 AM/ M
Name: Sam Manuel
Age/date of birth: 20 August 1974
Address: Panvel, India
Education: MBA
Occupation: Port Operations
Hobbies/interests: music, reading and befriending
Languages: English, Hindi, Marathi, Malayalam

Date/time/sex: 16 Aug 2009/ 5:48 PM/ M
Name: Madhu
Age/date of birth: 24/ 18.04.1985
Address: Chennai, India
Education: DME
Occupation: supervisor
Hobbies/interests: I like movies, cricket, and net chatting. I am looking for sweet girls.
Languages: English

Date/time/sex: 16 Aug 2009/ 3:45 PM/ M
Name: Sudip Banerjee
Age/date of birth: 42
Address: Jharkhand/ West Bengal, India
Education: M Com
Occupation: Consultancy
Hobbies/interests: I am a book worm, like reading books. I want to make broadminded friendship with matured females.
Languages: Bengali, Hindi, English

Date/time/sex: 16 Aug 2009/ 10:41 AM/ M
Name: Tharaka Gayan
Age/date of birth: 8 January 1984
Address: 420/3/78, Gagasiripura, Sri Lanka
Education: Diploma
Occupation: Teacher
Hobbies/interests: Hi ladies and gentlemen. I'd like to meet friends around the globe. I expect honest friendship. I love playing cricket, watching sports on TV, reading books, etc. I wish peace, harmony on earth, forever.
Languages: English

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